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1. Название проекта


2. URL проекта


3. Отраслевая категория проекта

ИТ: программное обеспечение, интернет-проекты

4. Лидер команды (ФИО) и представляемая им организация. Члены команды

Dmitry Dumik. CEO. Co-Founer.

Successful non-profit start-up created. Strong business background received at (5y). PMP Certified.

Alexey Petrov. CTO. Co-Founer.

MIPT alumnus, IT-architect, skilled lead-developer. Manages skilled tech team of 5 that includes former ABBYY and Acronis engineers. 

Vladimir Platov. COO. Co-Founer.

MIPT alumnus . Successful small enterprise founded and sold; Co-founded ; EDU-engineer at MIPT, 3y.

5. Краткое описание проекта

Penxy is a mobile app that enables presenters to wirelessly switch slides on the projector, broadcast them synced with voice on the internet real-time, create and share recordings with one click. Recordings with slides and voice synced created automatically and uploaded to the Penxy web content platform where can be accessed from any browser. Solution is cloud based and optimized for mobile-to-mobile.

Penxy is avaliable for iPad and will be availible for iPhone by the May 16.

6. Дополнительная открытая информация о проекте

·      Seed Fund Grant and BizSpark+ Grant received from Microsoft for prototype development.

·      Web Ready 2012 mobile competition winner.

·      “I thinks it’s fantastic, beautiful product. Next big thing in presentation space” – Nathan Gold, official Demo Coach, www.democoach.com

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